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Civil Rights for Seniors

A Non-Profit Corporation


Misery in the 21st century

Posted on February 26, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Disappearance of our Republic under 21st Century Neo-capitalism

The election of 2016 is proof our traditional economic indicators are not hooked up to our “body politic”. Prior to the election surveys showed a strong national discontent because we no longer feel neo-capitalism can lift us up to a better standard of living.

National wealth, output, employment and the value of our health system no longer tell us about the condition of our country nor can they predict how we will fare in the future. This disconnect is evident. We have not seen unemployment rates below 4.8% since the late 60’s, real estate values are back to pre-2007 levels and U.S. equity markets are booming again. Yet before our nation could recover from the non-financial recession of 2001 the great 2009 crash occurred. Millions lost homes, pensions and paid hours of work for adult civilian workers plummeted.

With regard to our democracy how can anyone argue we have a functioning republic when over 30 million people are impotent? This includes; Seniors, i.e. those who are over 55; individuals with less than a high-school education, who now have one of the highest mortality rates; 23 million felons; 7 million white men between 25-54 who are now officially labeled as “those people who are in their prime of life, not working and not looking, are addicted to opioids, and now spend over 2000 hours each year in front of electronic screens”.

Regarding our physical and mental health, we cannot afford health care which is why death rates are rising for non-Hispanics aged 45-54 with less than high school education. And life expectancy for the first time in decades has dropped.

There is no need to discuss “economic inequality” it is merely an academic abstraction. A way to misdirect and to keep us distracted from the real issue, how do we fix social and economic “insecurity” especially for seniors and those who care for them.


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