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Civil Rights for Seniors

A Non-Profit Corporation

What we are all about

Civil Rights for Seniors (“CRS”) is a nonprofit corporation that advocates for seniors. It serves as a clearinghouse and networks with other likeminded people and organizations. Our goal is to keep you informed about trends and developments. CRS is a comprehensive resource for you, your friends and family. Working together, we can mobilize and motivate seniors so that they can retain their rightful place in our communities.

Alice Thomas, J.D. is the President of CRS. Ms. Thomas graduated from McGeorge School of Law at age 79. During her time at McGeorge, she tragically lost her partner of 28 years to Alzheimer’s. She cared for him 24/7 until she was forced to place him in a nursing home. Her strong character, education and dedication to helping others makes CRS what it is all about.

Keith Tierney, Executive Director, is a practicing attorney and a longtime resident of Reno. He also has a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Nevada, Reno, and served on the personal staff of two Nevada governors. He currently chairs the elder law section of the Nevada bar.

CRS is associated with the Senior Law Program of Northern Nevada a nonprofit 501(c3) corporation which provides legal services to seniors and their families in civil rights matters and end of life decisions.